How Many Times We Should Do Facial

Facial refers to the combination of treatments that aim at improving skin condition, especially around face areas. Ordinarily, women and celebrities go for facial services on spas and saloon to improve their looks and skin condition. However, facial treatment is suitable for all people who want to take care of their facial skin. According to skincare specialists, every adult should have professional facial after about two to three weeks.

The skin remains glowing for two to three days after a successful facial. It also remains hydrated, thus boosting the circulation of blood and nutrients to cells. Facials include use of creams, exfoliation, facial masks, massage, peels, dermaplane facial, steaming and use of lotions and creams among others. The choice of facial products depends on the type of skin and the desired results.

Skin specialists recommend that facials should take place after the duration of exfoliation and skin cell growth. This takes about a month and doing a facial at least once a month helps in removing dead skin to achieve glittering appearance. For those doing facials to treat acne and to get anti-tan, it is recommendable do facial after ever 2 weeks. Once the skin is free from acne and oils, you can go back to routine facials once a month. More so, facial services help in maintaining a toned, clean and clear skin. It also facilitated healthy skin cell growth, especially in people with oily skins.

What is dermaplane facial?

Dermaplane facial is suitable for people want to get rid of excess hairs that trap dead skin cells, oil and dirt. Removing of facial hair clear pores that host bacteria that can cause blemishes and acne. This type of facial leaves you with a bright and healthier skin that is as smooth as that of a baby. Dermaplane facial is suitable for models and young women who want to look fancy and appealing among peers.

Three key factors that influence facials prices

  • Targeted population

A saloon or beauty spa that targets high-end customers charge high prices for their services than those that target low-end customers. For instance, spas that target celebrities charge more fees for their services than those that target ordinary people.

  • Type of facial and products used

The type of facial services you want has a remarkable influence on what you pay. Services that use costly products are charged higher than those that require cheap products. Similarly, customers doing dermaplane facial are likely to pay more than those doing ordinary facial scrubbing or steaming. For instance, Dermaplane facial costs between 75 and 150 dollars depending on the location of the spa or salon.

  • Location

Spas and saloons located in big malls and posh estates charge high facials prices than those located in city suburbs and small malls. This is probably because rental rates are higher in high-end places than in city suburbs.

Generally, facial is a form of skincare treatment for all people. The perception that only women require facial services is baseless. Every adult needs facial at least once a month to have a smooth, glittering and healthy skin. However, you need to seek facial services from a specialist who understands the type of your skin and the treatment that is suitable for you.

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