Gondola Shelving Solutions for Retailers

Retail shelving is a method used by the retailers to display their products to the customers. Retail shelving is an important aspect in the marketing of goods and allows the retailer to present the goods in the most appealing way to attract the customers. A retailer should have an understanding of the different types of shelves available for use to display their products. A good retail shelving will not only be profitable to your business but will also ensure maximum utilization of the available shop space.

A business person needs to consider certain factors while choosing the retail shelving of their enterprise. Some of these considerations include;

  • How bulky the goods to stock are
  • The available space
  • The type of goods to display

Type of shelving to best display the products

There exist different types of retail shelving options available in the market such as pegboard shelving, warehouse shelving, wire shelving, dump bin shelving, gondola shelving and many more by  Shop Fittings Direct gondola shelving of all kinds

Pegboard shelving
Pegboard shelves are made of a fiber board and are used to display products in a hanging method. They consist of evenly spaced holes appropriate for attaching of hooks. The pegboard shelving system utilizes the space to the maximum as you are free to select anywhere to attach your products with a hook.

Warehouse Shelving
In warehouse shelving, the structures need to be strong to withstand the weight of the material placed in the shelves. Warehouse shelving requires you to stock products for an extended period of time. The structures used in the making of this shelving must be durable.

Wire shelving
Wire shelving can be utilized in the display of many retail products but is most suitable for clothes display. The material used for wire shelving should be durable and not susceptible to rust.

Dump bins
Dump bins are used in the display of small products in a self-service retail stores. Dump bins are mostly placed near the counters.

Gondola display
This is the most common type of shelving used by retailers. The shelves are free standing and double sided structures positioned end to end forming rows in various retail stores. Gondolas are positioned at a convenient height for everyone to see the products. They are commonly used in self service retail shops.

The gondola shelving system has various advantages to the retailer. Some of these advantages include:

  • Maximum space utilization
  • Convenience in stacking wherever you want
  • F-lexibility in the arrangement of your floor plan

The gondola retail display shelving enables the retailers to stock a variety of goods which allow them to make profits. Retailers are also able to make changes in the shop regarding the floor design. If you are looking for the retail shelving that will give you a chance to display your products conveniently, you should choose this system.

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