Interesting smart home security features

Home security systems – mejor sistema de seguridad para el hogar have become more and more sophisticated thanks to cutting-edge technology. With fresh and improved gadgets emerging in the market every day, the residential security industry has been quick to incorporate this new technology into their systems. The outcome of this is the best home security system that integrates day to day devices like smartphones. Let us look at some of these interesting features.


The traditional hard-wired networks that have been used to link the home security system are being replaced with wireless options. These new systems offer numerous advantages. With the help of a wireless keypad, a homeowner is able to control their security system from a remote location. The keypad can take the form of a car key or more commonly, be connected to the owner’s smartphone. This feature enables people to watch over their homes without having to be inside the house and allows you to add security devices without needing to increase the wiring. A wireless component will take just a few minutes to install and integrate into the system.


Security companies are taking advantage of the touchscreen phones and tablets available in the market and incorporating this feature into the best home security system. Instead of the once used keypads with buttons and digital control panels, touch screens are now being used to control home security in an interesting and sophisticated way. These screens are mini-computers that provide a variety of information about your property in one place.

Security Apps

There are numerous security apps being developed that you can easily download onto a smartphone. Given that most systems are linked directly to the owner’s phone, these phone applications prove to be a great complementary feature. They are designed in a way that enables the owner to turn on or turn off the alarm system from any place. They can also see what’s happening inside their property at all times using the security cameras linked to their phones.

Smart Sensors

Extremely sensitive motion detectors are being used to set off alarms with the slightest movements within the sensors range of detection. These smart sensors can tell between different motions such as the family dog walking or an uninvited visitor. They will also recognize whether it is a kid walking to the restroom at night or a burglar.



The old, clunky, and completely visible surveillance cameras from before are no longer being used today. In their place comes concise and high-tech cameras that you won’t even realize have been installed in the property. These wireless cameras are remotely controlled and ensure that the owner has complete discretion. They are linked to smartphones, ensuring that the homeowner can see what is happening in his home from wherever they are.

Smart Security

While some people may choose not to utilize the security apps, they might just see the importance of getting a message alert informing them their kids have arrived home from school safely. This is the direction the best home security system is taking, getting increasingly connected to the homeowners’ phones. This allows you to get timely alerts on any emergencies that may occur at your place.

Home security systems are changing for the better as technology gets to be more advanced. This is making them more efficient with the help of spectacular features like the ones mentioned above.

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