How Long Does Sciatica Last?

Among the most common pains that people nowadays go through but do not pays attention is the lower body pain starting from lower back and leading down the legs covering hips and buttocks area. The reason behind the lack of attention in one’s self can be tight and busy schedules. Certainly, this may become a harmful effect on their health as this pain may lead to a neural disorder called sciatica – an illness that starts from the lower back traveling through hips leading down the legs through the pelvis. However, there may be other sciatica symptoms, which may indicate the presence of disorder in your body. Some of those symptoms are partial body numbness, muscular weakness, impairment of senses, reflex impairment, burning sensations in legs, full or partial body weakness, and frozen legs. For some people, the pain from sciatica can be severe and make it difficult for them to do the things they usually do. For some, it may not last long, but it is frustrating and has the potential to become worse.
But the question that arises in our mind is how this disorder works, how we can prevent ourselves from it, and how the sufferer can get rid of it before it gets worse.

Sciatica usually starts from the lower spine’s herniated disk, which is the round disk of flat and flexible connective tissues in vertebrae. The disorder may take place due to the injury in disk or because the disk became worn out. The longest nerve in your body is the sciatic nerve, which starts from your lower back and then split using your hips, head, legs, and feet on both sides. Bone spurs and spinal stenosis can also put pressure on the sciatic nerve in the lower back. When that happens, it can cause many problems leading to panic. Click this link to learn more information regarding sciatica:

However, to every disorder, there is a cure, so sciatica treatment is through surgical and non-surgical means. The non-surgical means may be physical therapy, usually referred to as physiotherapy or physio for sciatica. Physical therapy has proven to be helpful in the treatment of back pain. It improves blood flow, muscle relaxation and the release of endorphins. Physio for sciatica can be an effective way of curing sciatica which helps improving posture to take off the pressure that may cause injury to the sciatic nerve. Most physiotherapists refer to some effective stretches to relieve pain and cure the injury of connective tissues in the vertebral column and herniated disk which automatically leads stability of sciatic nerve and strengthening of the lower back. The non-surgical means also include the source of medications for sciatica treatment such as anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxers, tricyclic antidepressants, and in severe cases, narcotics can be given to patients for immediate relief, but this relief is not permanent.

Sciatica is a disorder that needs to be prevented rather than be cured, and the first step towards the prevention of this neural disorder is changing the lifestyle either by maintaining the healthier diet posture maintenance, exercising regularly, and prevention of obesity may help.

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