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The fitness lifestyle is all the rage today. People are flocking to gyms and doing Crossfit. While this move towards a more healthier life is well appreciated, it is also a move towards a costlier life. Gym memberships, depending on the gym itself, can be costly or can be cheap, and if they are cheap then the service will be cheap. Basically, if you want to experience peace of mind while using gym equipment in the gym then better shell out the cash, otherwise your session will not only be physically exhausting but also mentally and spiritually. There is one other thing to take notice, that Gym Memberships are only used for a couple of months, the initial months. Notice how Memberships would only be bought with an advance of a couple of months because they know that you will only be using gym equipment for the first couple of months before eventually tire out of your pilgrimage to the gym. It is a system that benefits

our inherent weakness. But sure enough you want to start living a healthy lifestyle and healthy life, but sometimes being in the gym and using gym equipment site for reference in front of people with already rock-solid bodies can be intimidating and downright scary. You will compare yourself and will find that you are not making any progress. This spiral of being downhearted at your progress and the constant flood of imagery of bodies being marketed as the current standards make the already difficult struggle to a healthier life that much harder.

So I began looking for better ways to do about my journey to a better me without being constantly ashamed of what I am right now. I reasoned that even though the Gym would be good because I can be taught on what to do and what not to do, I would be constantly feeling the pressure of others in my exercises and my number of repetitions. All I really wanted to sweat away in a cool, relaxed pace. I want a to be fit and healthy, not be the next Arnold.

I started thinking about using gym equipment inside my house. I reasoned that a basic setup of a bench press, a couple of barbells, and dumbbells (available online), and a treadmill would be enough. The rationale would be that I was already knowledgeable enough to use them and know to set my limits and goals. Again, I don’t want a super beefed body, just a basic healthy one, able to carry my own weight.

And one more thing, I realised that having the gym equipment readily accessible to me, I lost all excuses of skipping using them and they would always be available for my personal use. Though my sets and circuits might not what you would call an intensive high-performance workout. My routines became these bite-sized chunks spaced evenly throughout the day. At the end of the day, I realised I was able to do more as opposed to a limited time at the gym and isn’t as tired after. They became much more fun and manageable, exactly the thing I was aiming for, an easy, manageable way to be fit and healthy.

So I began to look for gym equipment online. I searched for dumbells in Dublin. Likewise, I looked for other gym equipment online. I put made sure the products I would be buying online is near my area of Dublin, and it was so easy to find an available product and purchase it. I have reservations against buying from sellers because I have the nagging feeling that the salespeople would be forcing to sell an item to me which I don’t really need as opposed to looking for contributions from fellow users online on available equipment like dumbbells and then getting their recommendations from products they actually used. So far I now have always available gym to use here in Dublin and I am happy, maybe you can also find your zen-state of fitness by purchasing the equipment and using gym equipment on your own pace and place.

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