Possible Camping and Glamping Sites in Slovenia

This article is all about Glamping in Slovenia and Camping in Slovenia and how is it possible?  This is a very challenging article, to provide you with some basic information, about camping and glamping in Slovenia. Before we indulge ourselves, with things about this very nice country, we need first to learn some basic details about it.

Slovenia is located in Southeastern Europe.  It is bounded in the north by Austria, Northeast by Hungary, south by Croatia and west by Italy.  It is famous for its mountain resorts and coastal place as well.  It is also rich in architectural and cultural heritage.  Knowing some basic information about Slovenia, we will now move forward, and determining the difference between camping and glamping.

camping slovenia

Here are some main differences between Camping and Glamping;

  1. Location- In camping, you are in the outdoors, away from any community. It is going with nature, getting away from the luxury and technology.  Most often, campers are alone and with only a tent. No neighbors, no shelter, and no electricity.  While in glamping, people are trying to be with nature, but still in touch with the comfort of technology. They are in camp in a glamping park, where they can connect to electricity and water. They are staying in RV’s or other mobile accommodations. They have closets and toilets and baths.  They may also have neighbors.
  2. Comfort- as mentioned earlier, in camping, you are alone with your tent sleeping bag and maybe some lotion, to keep mosquito away. You may have to drink from rivers, and you can’t afford to have a nice shower and toilet. While in glamping, you have the luxury of a bed, pillows, and blankets. You are inside a room, and you may have water, small fridge, and AC.
  3. Safety is also essential in both aspects. Although, you will not be going out to dangerous areas, while on camping, you will sleep on the ground. You are in an open environment and that way, you are so exposed to a lot of dangers. There is a chance of wild animals such as bear, wild boar or even snakes, sharing the same ground with you. In glamping, you are enclosing in a wall, and you have a door locked. It makes your stay very safe.  And Glamping Park has security assigned to it.

Since you are now a little bit equipped with some basic knowledge of camping or glamping, it’s all your call.

So, whether it’s camping in Slovenia is what you want, or you prefer to do glamping in Slovenia, it’s all worthy an adventure. Being rich, architectural and cultural heritage, Slovenia is a good place, to have some fun.

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